Adelheid Christian-Zechner

I was born and raised on a vineyard in southern Austria. Although for many years New York has been my home and the home of CZA, the majestic beauty of the rolling hills of the vineyards – the light, forms, and colors – has never left me and inspires everything I do.

Destined for the arts, I studied painting and textile design in Vienna and Salzburg. Soon after, I arrived in New York City, settled into the Chelsea Hotel and pursued a Masters Degree in Communications Design. My paint brush became my mouse; my textiles pixel patterns.

CZA originated from my sense that each brand could do so much more to differentiate itself and to communicate its uniqueness. I have always believed that great, powerful design flourishes when deep practical understanding merges with creativity at the highest level. That means listening, asking questions, advising and then translating all I have learned into a powerful “meme” for each client’s brand. We have found that in building a close bond with our clients, CZA becomes a formidable partner over time – long after that first launch day.

I speak three languages, yet I am most at home with the visual one. On occasion, I can be found weaving textiles. Furthermore, I love capturing moments with my Leica, cooking for friends, skiing in the Alps, and playing a spirited game of ping pong. So let’s get started.



Our team of creative designers will collaborate closely with you throughout the design process to embody your authentic voice – we get to the heart of your brand. Our uniqueness is based on originality of design and maintaining a premium standard of craftmanship.